I welcome you in taking steps to a better life. Are you struggling with stress, anxiety, depression or relationship issues? Do you find it difficult to manage all life throws at you or to watch as your teenager makes risky choice after risky choice?  Studies indicate that most people will suffer with significant symptoms of anxiety, depression or other mental illness at some point in their lives. It is at these times especially, we need to care for ourselves.  Choosing to talk to someone who can help is a big step in that direction. I want to acknowledge your courage in considering that step. With over 25 years of therapeutic work, I  have successfully teamed up with adolescents, adults, and families to help them reclaim their strength from the issues which have disrupted their lives and relationships.  I would be glad to discuss the change you desire in your life.



Email me today at Rusty@ndecaturcounseling.com or call me  at 404.220.9093.  


I look forward to speaking with you!




How one of my clients describes our work together


"Since I started therapy with Rusty, I have been guided through issues with care and genuine honesty. He calls me on things that I am avoiding and celebrates my victories, which I feel are small, but he helps me see that even a small victory, can lead to huge breakthroughs. I feel like I can tell him anything, even things that I am ashamed of and get support and understanding in a non-judgmental way.  He wants love and compassion for me and supports me letting the universe show me what is in store for me.  In short, he has helped me through the depths of despair to the light that brightens my soul today." 

-Doraville Client


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