Seeking to create a comfortable, nonjudgmental atmosphere, I work from a cognitive approach where curiosity, humor, and pragmatism assist in leading to meaningful insight. In my strength-focused practice, I join with clients to help them learn new skills and to discover how their inherent assets can be most valuable in overcoming the challenges that intrude in their lives.

I am devoted to supporting you and the ones you love through tough times—the kind of support and solutions needed to start feeling better and enjoying life again.  My practice is a welcoming space for all sexual orientations, lifestyles, and families.

Counseling to help YOU...


  • Prevail Over Depression and Anxiety

  • Effectively Reduce Stress and Anger                                       

  • Create Healthy Family Life 

  • Implement Successful Parenting Strategies

  • Resolve Personal and Relational Conflicts

  • Move through Grief and Loss

  • Manage Work and Career Issues

  • Aleviate Phobias and Social Anxiety 

  • Realize Personal and Spiritual Growth 





Client  Testimonial




"I started seeing Rusty a little over a year ago after having a traumatic moment completely disrupt my life. I went from a very active social and professional life to not being able to leave my house. This was my first experience in therapy and it brings up a wide range of emotions to think about my journey with Rusty over the past year. I was nervous about therapy at first but it ended up being the best decision I could have made for myself. After a few months, I had my life back on track and Rusty to thank. He helped me think about my anxiety in a new way and gave me new tools to help cope with those feelings. I had to make myself uncomfortable through the process but every bit of discomfort was worth it and I had a cheerleader to talk about my successes with that most people may not appreciate. Rusty both challenged and supported me through this journey and I have learned on-going "self-care" mindfulness techniques that I will forever swear by."

- Old 4th Ward Client 


Rusty Godwin, LCSW​

2784 N Decatur Rd.        Suite 145

Decatur, GA 30033 

Phone: 404.220.9093











I typically have 48 hour appointment availability.

Email or call 404-220-9093 for scheduling.



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